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Tumblr referrals just got bumped up higher on many brands’ priority lists. The 2014 U.S. Mobile Benchmark Report from Adobe Digital Index was released this month, and Tumblr referrals were found to drive the highest revenue per visit (RPV) from mobile devices.

Driving $2.57 per visit generated to a retail site on tablets and $0.67 on smartphones, Tumblr outpaced Facebook which only drove $1.55 on tablet devices and $0.42 on smartphones. Both Twitter and Pinterest … Read the rest

company culture

Which brand do you prefer as a consumer—Apple or Google? Which company would you rather work for as an employee—Apple or Google? Which company would you rather invest in as a shareholder—Apple or Google?

Are your answers to those questions the same or different? For many people, their answers will be different because we prioritize different factors when evaluating a brand as a consumer versus as an employee or investor.

As Google and Apple trade … Read the rest

state of inbound 2014 hubspot

The fifth annual State of Inbound report was been released by HubSpot, and again, thousands of marketers from around the world report that inbound marketing is very effective for their companies. In fact, companies are increasing investments in inbound and they’re experiencing positive ROI from those initiatives.

Marketers report that in 2014, blogging has the most significant impact on performance. Respondents who have prioritized blogging are 13-times more likely to achieve positive ROI than marketers … Read the rest

grocery store carts

All marketers know the 80-20 rule that tells us 80% of sales come from 20% of a business’ customers, but research from Epsilon and Wylei Research has introduced us to the 50-20 principle, which tells us that 50% of sales come from 20% of a brand’s customer base known as brand loyalists.

According to the study of U.S. consumers, brand loyalists consider price but they also consider a variety of other factors to determine their … Read the rest