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southwest airlines

Southwest Airlines has been a leader in integrating social media into its corporate culture for years. The Nuts About Southwest blog achieved notoriety years ago as a great example of employees being given the opportunity to advocate a brand. As a result, Southwest Airlines developed a well-known reputation as the “anti-big” airline. The brand is fun and more approachable than larger competitors, and that brand image is carried through both internally and externally. Just spend … Read the rest

marketing big data

Is your brand suffering from data paralysis disease?

Your brand might have data paralysis disease and your business results are already suffering. If you’re slow to take action and unwilling to take risks that can’t be supported by metrics, then your brand will suffer from data paralysis disease.

Don’t worry. It’s curable.

The first step to curing data paralysis disease is recognizing the symptoms listed above. Once you admit that your brand has a problem, … Read the rest


What tactics are most effective to improve customer lifetime value for brands? That’s one of the questions Econsultancy and Sitecore aimed to answer in their recent research study, Customer Lifetime Value: Building Loyalty and Driving Revenue in the Digital Age.

In a study of both brand marketers and agencies, primarily from the United Kingdom (45%) and in other parts of Europe (22%), it was revealed that while there is consensus on the importance of … Read the rest

money social media ad spending

Twitter ads get more clicks, but most brand marketers are still spending far more of their digital advertising budgets on Facebook ads. That finding comes from new research by Resolution Media (an Omnicom company) in its first annual Social Trends Report and is similar to results of Social Bakers’ State of Social Media Marketing and Advertising 2014 report. However, advertisers are ramping up their Twitter ad spending considerably.

Resolution Media analyzed 2013 ad performance … Read the rest

twitter eggs

New research from Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. reveals interesting insights into Twitter users’ behaviors and perceptions that brands need to understand. The study found that nearly half of active Twitter users are very engaged and use the platform more than once per day. In fact, daily average use of Twitter isn’t far behind Facebook’s daily average use.

More than one out of two Twitter users (51%) want to learn about news and related events when … Read the rest