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I invited Rachel to write a post for us today about ensuring that your employees are successfully communicating your brand to your customers.

4 Ways to Improve Your Employees’ Communications with Customers

In corporate communications or marketing departments, employees are trained to communicate professionally. However, most company employees won’t have this same training. To boost your company’s communications, image and relationships with outside customers, clients, vendors and suppliers use the following tips.

Make Branding Accessible

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We live with two dogs:

  • an intelligent and patient collie/lab cross, who can’t resist carrot cake icing (yes, she ate my birthday cake)
  • and a ditsy, hyperactive and very needy springer/lab cross, who struggles with anything new or strange.

Our springer cross has a metaphorical emotional sink into which the stresses of her day (people at the door, other dogs across a field, quadbikes passing in the lane, cows looking at her over the fence, … Read the rest

Have you checked that your messaging is consistent… all the way through?

I went to yet another university open day recently, and was very impressed by the tone of voice used in the large, attractive posters around the campus, and by the style of the imagery used. I’d enjoyed the personality shown in the emails we’d received from this university. It all matched the prospectus, the subject brochures and other marketing material that we’d received, … Read the rest

Attention and calm technology

A while ago, a study by Microsoft suggested that the human attention span is now about 8 seconds – shorter than that of a goldfish. Now that grabbed some media attention, even though the study wasn’t necessarily good science.

Is it really true that our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter? Certainly we are all busy-busy, and the technology that we’re using tends to interrupt us, disrupting our attention. On … Read the rest

I invited Raj Mistry to write about recruitment strategies for us. Raj worked in the corporate world for over 30 years, recruiting people both internally and externally, so has a lot of experience in recruitment.

The Combination Approach: Using Multiple Recruitment Strategies

As a recruiter, you’re probably aware of the statistic that says 80% of available vacancies aren’t advertised. So how do companies find the right candidates? They use multiple strategies: the most important … Read the rest