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The lifespan of a mobile ad is very short. In fact, three minutes after it displays to a user, a mobile ad has already received about 100% of the click-throughs that it will ever get.

This data comes from a study published by Andrew Waber of Chitika on Marketingland, which analyzed a single week of ad performance on the Chitika ad network. No, this is not a large study, so the results are certainly not … Read the rest

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Where does traffic to your branded website come from? Check your analytics data and it’s highly likely that Facebook will be near the top of the referrer list. That’s because Facebook now accounts for nearly a quarter (23.9%) of all traffic to websites. In other words, social referrals, particularly social referrals from Facebook, are getting more important every day.

This data comes from the 2nd Quarter 2014 Shareaholic Social Media Traffic Report. The study … Read the rest

digital shopping cart

According to a new infographic from Baynote, data plays an important roe in the online purchase path (see the infographic at the end of this article), but few companies are effectively navigating through the opportunities and roadblocks that all of the data creates.

The infographic breaks the online path to purchase into five distinct steps: discovery, research/intent, interest/checkout, after the sale, and path to purchase future considerations.

Let’s take a look at some of the … Read the rest