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Spotted: CSR blog

I’ve seen one! Addleshaw Goddard have a blog maintained by their CSR manager, and contributed to by one of their recruitment team who is working on a community project. Recruitment blogs are increasingly available, usually written by new recruits to explain to potential recruits what the first year or so will be like – but this is the first CSR blog I’ve noticed.

Addleshaw Goddard

This site has a CSR quiz, to help you assess the weight your company places on each of the four main quadrants of CSR (environment, marketplace, people, community), and then – very interestingly – stacks this up against the responses provided by others.

I imagine this quiz is just for fun, but it would be fascinating to see the results of a slightly more detailed survey – one which asked the size and industry of the company the quiz-taker worked in, the seniority, gender and age of the quiz-taker, and perhaps even their role within the company – no doubt someone working within HR has a different view to someone working in the field, for instance.

And perhaps even more revealing would be the same survey taken by outsiders with respect to each company – a 360 degree assessment. Addleshaw Goddard appears so forward-thinking in their take on CSR, that perhaps they would come up with just such an assessment for themselves …

The Addleshaw Goddard site also hosts a TimeTrade service, allowing people to commit to voluntary work for projects supported by Addleshaw Goddard.

If you’re interested in CSR, this is a site worth visiting.

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Hi Lucy. Thanks for the positive feedback!

Your views on the quiz are interesting. It was indeed put on the website to act as a thought provoker and a bit of fun. An original, longer, version of the quiz was tested with our own people before the website went live in May this year. The results showed that overall Addleshaw Goddard people had the greatest concern for Environmental issues, followed by the responsibilities that we have to our Community and People, with Marketplace coming in fourth. I believe that this is probably a reflection of the number of column inches found in the media at the moment and that the Marketplace responsibility is one that will be addressed as a consequence of best practice activity in the other areas. We have a couple of projects due to happen in the Autumn, which will extend our CSR programme into this dimension more fully, which I hope you will find of interest.

We are developing a programme in all four areas -and will continue to publish what we are up to on the CSR website.

I’d like to thank you for your observations and hope that you remain an interested reader.

Best regards, Marcus Jamieson-Pond – CSR Manager, Addleshaw Goddard.

Hi Marcus – thanks for visiting, and for your comments on your own blog. I shall look forward to seeing your future projects, which must be coming to fruition quite soon …

Been a while so thoughtId just let you know that the website celebrated 6 months in existence on 1 November. There is an interesting Marketplace story on the frontpage at the moment.Follow the Zebras! M

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