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Spoof all too close to reality

Seamus McCauley points us to a delicious spoof of a corporate website at Buy n Large. Thing is, even the name sounds plausible.

Buy n Large home page

The design of the home page is just right (for today’s view of an up-to-date site – the view in 2057 may be very different): curvy web 2.0 content elements, clean design, lots of white space and a bit of movement to add vibrancy.

Do check out the small print at the bottom: by visiting the BnL web site you instantly relinquish all claims against the BnL corporation …

Buy n Large mission statement

I’m not going to quote the mission statement; go and read it for yourself by clicking on the image. Better yet, go and visit the site itself – read the privacy statement while you’re there.

If I were reviewing this site for real, I’d recommend using fewer stock images, though here they’re part of the joke.

Buy n Large news

The news section is laid out with different sections for the different audiences, and all the news releases are there. I think it unlikely that a corporate site would have so many adverts on their media page – even if they were for corporate products. But the adverts all work, in that they load further pages with product detail on.

As a spoof site, this is fabulous, and I’m already looking forward to the film. As a real corporate site, I’d have a few concerns … but who’s to say what the great corporate sites will look like in another 50 years?

My prediction is that they’ll be much more interactive (by whatever means will be available then) and customised for the visitor. This has no interactive features, and that would be my main recommendation, were it a real site.

What do you make of it?

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