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Special interest groups in the media

Special interest groups have long been known to persuade companies and organizations to support their causes in various, creative ways. Whether the causes are only of special interest to the special interest group themselves, or perhaps they feel that other organizations would benefit from their passionate causes, finding an audience to spout their cause to is highly important for them.

Often, the best way for special interest groups to market their passions is to be as extreme as possible. The idea is to get as much as exposure as possible with a poignant, direct and compelling message. Consider this:

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has a campaign to convince people of the healthy style and benefits of living vegan. They have celebrities representing them and outlining the many benefits of the vegetarian lifestyle. Since some people are highly-tuned to the opinions of celebrity figures, PETA is likely to be successful in convincing people to give the healthy lifestyle a try. Photos of famous singers like the one shown here is bound to get someone’s attention and make them a believer of the vegan lifestyle. This type of media relations is often more than marketing and can veer off into an attempt at branding, marketing, information sharing and even politics.



Recently, PETA also made a public relation open request to the folks at Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream to start substituting their milk-based ice cream product with women’s breast milk instead of cow’s milk. Of course this outlandish idea was met with public comments across the board ranging from complete support to utter disgust. Perhaps it was not so much that PETA wanted to actually get people to take seriously that it would be a good idea to extract milk from women for ice cream (or were they?), but perhaps it was their marketing attempt to further establish their purpose and cause. For this story, PETA got a lot of attention from blogs and news articles, whether they were taken seriously or not.

News articles and developments in various organizations can bring the company lots of attention, often more than is expected or bargained for. Impassioned views, special interest subjects and unusual business ideas help companies develop strong media relations and uncompetitive exposure. Coupled with a strong presentation and the right timing, their story is almost guaranteed to never be boring or dated. For a company of any size to establish themselves strong in their niche, their focus must be on creating impacting, compelling ideas and stories that will draw their audience in, creating images, thoughts and ideas that turn window-shoppers into life-long customers.

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