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Applying Through Company Websites

Sourcing strategies for companies should always be innovative and also up to date in order to ensure that these strategies would really work. Sometimes, companies don’t realize that the things that they already have could be enhanced which could help in them in sourcing efforts.

Hewlett Packard

A company website could actually be a very good way to attract applicants especially if they are really interested in applying to the vacant positions that are advertised. What are the elements of a good website? Well, these things should always be present in a company website:

  • Company Profile
  • Job Openings
  • Career Growth
  • How to Apply

These factors could actually attract applicants and making sure that you have the instructions on how they could apply could really speed up their application process! A good sample website could be HP’s website that specifically has a page which pertains to information that interested applicants could use when applying. Having space for applicants to send their resume or questions/queries shows that the company is indeed reaching out to interested people and are implementing ways on how these people could reach them.

Writing formally could work in two ways: the applicants could be attracted or they could be turned-off because of the formality involved. Just remember that the image of the company is affected in this one so it is better to be consistent meaning that if the company is conservative, a formal approach would be okay while a very young and hip company could actually use an informal approach.

Being visible online is a good sourcing strategy and you have to make sure that you maximize it in a positive way.

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