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Social Media Affect Business and Politics

Today was one of THE most important days in my life, with the inauguration and installation of a new president of the United States of America. President Barack Obama.

Without a doubt, the installation of President Barack Obama was highly significant and a very, VERY popular event. There were estimated to be over 1 million people in attendance to witness this history-making affair. What was so striking about the event was something that everyone could see and feel but may have deemed it to be not-so-important. The electric feel of the internet activity during the course of this historic day is something that can be easily transferred to any corporate setting. Do you create an internet buzz?

Obama began his technological and media campaign for presidency long before the usual crunch time when candidate’s typically try to find creative ways that will help them win. Although not always, these candidates panic and try to find something that will work. They almost always wait until the end of the campaign to try something new, something with lots of shock-and-awe or something that is not public knowledge to reveal and put their campaigns over the top…and win. Corporations are not much different in terms of their dealing with finding workable solutions to issues that the company faces. Think about this in terms of your corporation or business and determine if a workable solution is available to you.

In business, there is also sometimes a tendency to wait until there may not be a viable solution to a problem. Or, the solution may not be feasible and practical for your audience. How can this be solved?

Social marketing and social media is a wonderful concept and tool that your corporation can use to facilitate you towards a solution. When a company networks and markets socially, they begin to build a trust with their audience that over time, will prove to be quite worthwhile for their company.

Corporations can effectively establish themselves in media relations and firmly brand themselves to create an image in the customer’s minds. When they do this, they stand to become a household name with its own industry and for potential customers to turn to when they are in need.

How does your corporation involve social media? What strategies or plans do you have in place to address issues or questions that may arise ?

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