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Site Review: Regal Petroleum

As usual, I’ve limited myself to only 15 minutes looking at this site, much less time that I would ordinarily take to review a site, but still have a few comments about things that immediately strike me.

There are several good features about this site, such as the provision of biographies for senior management as well as board members, and the filter feature in the press releases section to help the visitor find what they need, but I have a few suggestions as well:

  • the site is light on images, though there are some good maps indicating the location of Regal’s interests. There are a few photos in the Operations section, but very little elsewhere. I suggest adding photos of senior management with their biographies, and perhaps an photo or two on the home page and in the About section. A site that is free from images becomes quite dry and difficult to read.
  • there is something odd about the navigation. From the sitemap, there are landing pages available for the major sections of the site – About Operations, Media and Financial – but these pages are not available from the main navigation menu. (The landing page for the Media section defaults to the press releases page). This means that unless their visitors use the sitemap or an internal link to navigate, these pages will not be seen. This seems a wasted opportunity, because although they’re not wildly exciting, as landing pages go, they do include quotes from senior management and images, and have the potential to include a lot more information.
  • The sitemap doesn’t include the Investor section at all, and I recommend that this is fixed quickly.
  • Much of the information on the site is not in HTML, but is available in doc or pdf format. For example, the Shareholder section consists of a single link to a Word document. This is mildly irritating, as it takes a while for each document to download and open – yes, even with broadband – and makes visiting the site much slower, and makes it less likely that the visitor will continue to browse. This is a shame, because the information available – particularly the investor coverage section – is useful and interesting.

I suggest expanding the Shareholder section from the single link it currently is, to a dedicated area containing some of the following:

  • some discussion of why Regal would make a good investment
  • details of the shareownership structure
  • an investor contact phone number, and, ideally, the name of the investor contact
  • bringing out the registrar details from Contact Us into this section
  • perhaps some charting, to show how the share price is performing over time
  • a glossary to help explain some of the technical industry terms
  • and a FAQ section to try to answer some of the questions visitors may have.

Elsewhere I’d like to see an organisation chart to help explain how the company is structured, and, since the annual reports are getting bigger each year, an indexed version of these reports, so that the visitor needn’t wait for a 3MB file to download, but can go straight to the section that interests them.

I hope Regal picks this up; I’m sure that these suggestions would be quick and easy to implement, and that the navigation issue is simply an oversight.

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