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Site Review: ArcelorMittal’s TV channel

ArcelorMittal are doing a great job of communication over at Creating History.

ArcelorMittal TV - Creating HistoryThis site is dedicated to the merger of Arcelor and Mittal, and consists of:

  • excellent video materials – 15 so far, posted intermittently over several months, covering a range of topics associated with the merger
  • a blog – which appears to have been updated on a very regular basis (looks like 5 times a week, which as we know, is very intensive)
  • RSS feed and podcasts
  • a section for ‘ask the CEO’ – in which Lakshmi Mittal will personally answer questions. This does look a bit outdated, and really should be removed if the answers won’t be forthcoming – or else they should be answered
  • a press area, including third party coverage – again, this doesn’t seem to have been updated recently
  • an About section.

In the About section, the stated aim of the mini-site is:

We don’t pretend to have all the answers as we move forward in forging the shape of this new company, but we do know the value of transparency and involving our most valuable asset, our employees, in the process. This site is designed to document on a down-to-earth level the integration process.

I’d say that the site doesn’t do a bad job of meeting this aim.

It’s a shame that the employees’ questions to the CEO haven’t been answered, and that the press section is a bit out of date. And it’s a pity that no-one has responded to the comments on the blog: for example, on 9 November someone asks for a transcript of the CFO speech to the Young Entrepreneurs. I’ll bet there is a transcript, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to provide it. It isn’t on the main site, either …

The only other quibbles I’d have with the site are:

  • that the only link back to the main site is near the small ArcelorMittal logo at the top right. The problem being that it is not in a standard location, doesn’t tell the visitor either in plain text or alt text that there is a link, and the link is not quite over the logo itself – I only found it by accident
  • and the excessive size of the tag-cloud. This should be severely pruned back, and only the key tags retained. Are the following tags really relevant or helpful: bee colony, bee-keeper’s trade union, beehive, bees? If you’re going to create a tag cloud, do keep it under control.

But the blog and the videos are good, the design is clean and nicely done, and there’s an email alerting service and a contact form. And the communication concept is commendable. It is very interesting that they’ve gone for a .tv extension to the domain name – maybe they have ideas for the future of this channel?

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