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2 share price trackers – and more

Reckitt Benckiser Share Tracker

Unicredit Desktop Intraday

Unicredit Desktop Press Releases

Unicredit Desktop Events

What tool could you offer your visitors that is of benefit to both of you?

I’ve known about the Reckitt Benckiser share price tracker for a while … it opens in a tiny new window from the Reckitt Benckiser site, and it monitors the Reckitt Benckiser share price for you until you close the window.

Unicredit have gone one better. Yes, their Desktop will track the share price for you. It will do this in real time, providing you with an intraday chart. Iit will also act as a feed reader for whichever Unicredit feeds you’ve signed up to, show you the company’s event calendar, and provide you with their latest press releases. It is completely independent of the website, so you don’t need to open your browser to get the information – definitely a timesaver.

And more: you can add up to 10 external feeds to the reader, which makes it even more useful. After all, you don’t want a desktop widget for each company in which you have an interest. My only quibble is that 10 external feeds aren’t very many, and probably wouldn’t be enough to replace the average feed reader (I have over 100 in my feed reader, which is way too many) but it is certainly better than nothing.

Unicredit definitely merit a round of applause for this little tool.

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