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Sears Sets Social Networking Strategy

Many companies, both online and offline, can appreciate the benefits of networking and how it can clearly benefit their company. In the form of offline, traditional networking, many companies use their Chambers of Commerce, lunchtime networking clubs and the trusted word-of-mouth referral system.

In today’s changing global landscape, online social networking has quickly become the method and the means that numerous companies are using as their platform for reaching out to customers…and getting them to reach back.

The Sears Corporation network has set a directional course on becoming a social shopping hub on the web. For over 100 years, Sears has provided customers with quality products at very reasonable prices, so much so that they have become a household name in many corners of the industry.

They are now strategizing to become an even bigger integral part of the online community with new changes and developments that will likely place them as a front runner of social networking and involvement.

Sears will develop a marketing-based strategy that will enable users to log onto their Sears accounts via OpenId, and have options to access other social sites like Facebook, Twitter and others.

One of Sears goals in developing this strategy is to enhance their customers’ shopping experience as much as possible. Ultimately, they would like to have customers share their shopping experiences, share photos of their purchases, give and share feedback on their buying experiences and perhaps serve as a referral for new customers as they become more visible on social sites.

With social platforms like Twitter and MySpace, the social sharing should be relatively easy for Sears customers to adapt to. Whenever people find a product or service that they really, really like, they want to share it. Having these kinds of options will certainly enhance the buying experience and will also help guide Sears in the direction that they need on this web marketing strategy as they see what customers need, like and gravitate towards.

How would this type of marketing work for any other type of corporate business online? Would all types of audiences be conducive for the idea? I personally think that it’s a great idea for the corporate industries to pursue, whether they have a product or a service. The goal of any business that is customer-driven wants to generate buzz about their activities. What better way to do that than by engaging in social media and social networking in order to do so?

Photos add an especially nice touch to the social networking idea. Sears certainly can expect a lot of activity from that particular action as customers will likely love sharing their purchases that show off the size, colors, and types of purchases that they make.

As it goes in social circles, Sears certainly is going to make a big impact in their industry as they delve into a very popular, fast growing technology. Imagine:

  • Facebook pages with pictures of their products, satisfied customers giving feedback, others with suggestions.
  • Twitter updates on a frequent basis – – announcing sales, product updates, etc.
  • LinkedIn updates with connections to key business partners in their corporation.

All of these platforms, and still more where they will appear, are going to be extraordinary for a retailer who has been around for quite some time. They have definitely latched on to the next best wonderful thing that can enable them to be around for a long, long time to come. What do you think?

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Sheila, thank you for your comments! I’m a huge proponent of those two actions being done together. Hopefully, the entire retail industry will embrace the idea soon as well.

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