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Sara Lee Targets the Mom Audience

Corporations have several purposes, one of which is to solve a problem or to address a need. The Sara Lee Corporation aims to satisfy that concern by creating a new, interesting segment to its corporation, appropriately addressed as a “Saga Solver.”

Problem Solver

This new corporate development in their social media campaign efforts was released last week. The program is designed to help busy moms with household decisions in making and preparing meals and selecting healthy food alternatives for her family. Each segment is presented as a ‘problem’ of sorts and offers a panel of field experts who help moms figure out the answers to their family’s concerns, all sprinkled with humor and entertainment. Here is one of the videos from the corporation that they’re using as a social networking tool to reach busy moms:

Saga Solvers: How Do You Stop Being a Short-order Cook?

Niche Target Audience

The Sara Lee Corporation is aiming and targeting moms in its campaign by showing them how some of their problems can be solved with their products, and lending a friendly, professional ear also seems to help the situation.

They’ve made this social networking campaign to be inclusive of all moms; working moms, stay-at-home moms, student moms, etc. They are also heavily utilizing their Facebook page to promote the new segment and entice feedback and responses from their readers. How successful is it so far? As of today, March 2, they have over 23,000 fans on their page and it’s steadily growing!

When corporations target a specific niche audience, they are usually successful because their resources are targeted towards those demographics and marketing specifically to their needs. And, what does every mom need? She needs for her life to be simplified and as hassle-free as possible. Kudos to the executives at the Sara Lee Corporation for recognizing and addressing a need and for offering solid advice with a bit of humor.

What do you think of their new Saga Solver segments? Do you see the immediate benefit of the advice given and where it would be of help to moms?

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