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What is RSS?

RSS is a way of keeping up to date with the latest posts on a website without having to visit it. Though we’d love you to visit us every day, to read the latest thinking, we know that you’re very busy. Subscribing to whichever of our RSS feeds is relevant to you is a way of receiving these posts to read at your convenience.

Yes, you do need an RSS Reader, or ‘feedreader’ to be able to get at the information; but these are free, and easy to set up.

How do you get the feed into the feedreader? Usually you just copy and paste a link into your RSS Reader or clicking the button and following the instructions to subscribe using the feed reader of your choice.

If you don’t want to bother with a feedreader, we’ll send you the latest posts by email – just tell us your email address to subscribe by email. You can unsubscribe whenever you like, and your email address is safe with us.

The Corporate Eye Feeds

We have a number of feeds available, and we’ve tried to make them relevant to you – we know that investor relations professionals may not have time to read all the CSR posts, for example, and vice versa.

We will go on adding feeds; if you’d like to see a feed focused on a particular industry, for example, please let us know.

rss feed - all posts

All Corporate Eye Posts

rss feed - IR posts

The Investor Relations posts

rss feed - corpgov posts

The Corporate Governance posts

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The Brand posts

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The Media posts

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The CSR posts

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The Careers posts

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The Employee posts

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The Audience Connection posts

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