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Put your brochure in their pocket

Have you considered using podscrolls to communicate more detail about you?

Podscrolls are like presentations, or brochures, and are composed of a series of images, but they are read using an iPod or other personal media player with a colour screen rather than on paper. These were first used by travel guides (Rough Guides), but potentially have a lot of different applications.

Accenture are using them in their Careers section to enable prospective candidates to download brochures for reading later – on their ipods.

I can see that this might work for documents or presentations that you’d like people to review, re-read, and think about, and it is certainly convenient – no need to carry about a document in case you’d like to have another look later.

However, the pixel size is small (320*240) so you probably wouldn’t want to put your annual report or financial statements on podscroll.

But do you have manuals – either for your end customer or for your staff – that it would be helpful for them to have available in a size that would fit in a pocket? Or price lists? What about other presentations that people could download and read on the bus without having to get out their PC?

I’m going to be looking out for interesting uses of podscrolls, so if you come across something, do let us know.

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