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Provide analyst estimates for a level playing field

Are you sharing information with your retail investors as well as your professional ones?

Institutional investors should already know the market expectations, but providing analyst estimates on your website enables retail shareholders to consider their options with the same information to hand. Surprisingly, this isn’t done on many corporate sites, though the numbers are increasing. Examples of those that do provide such forecasts are Prudential, Carphone Warehouse and Petrobras. All provide a variety of different measures.

Prudential analyst estimates Carphone Warehouse - analyst estimates Petrobras analyst estimates

But why not go a step further, and provide an automated feed of broker forecast information? This would mean that your investors can have the latest information very easily – and don’t have to keep returning to your site.

RWE analyst estimatesRWE does this very neatly: they provide broker forecast information on their site in some detail, and have archives going back to 2003. If requested, they will email the latest information out to you every 2-3 weeks.

I think that is a great service.

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