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Projecting a Solid Corporate Image

Is your company is in the spotlight, at the forefront of business developments or in the news? Perhaps your company struggles with ways to project a solid, impressionable image that speaks to the public and their customer base and conveys the message that


Companies have tried for years, some successfully and others unsuccessfully in conveying an impressive corporate image in their public relations efforts, in the media and even within their own corporate structure. Finding that balance can be a challenge while they stay faithful to their company’s goals and still give the customer’s what they want.

A good corporate image will take into account many variables before deciding what will and what will not work for different companies. Since projecting a solid, positive image is likely for most customer-based companies, here are some things that corporations can do to ensure just that:

Monitor Employee Turnover

Be cognizant of the employee turnover rate in your organization. Too frequent turnover sends the message of the company’s instability and lack of professional management abilities. An employee revolving door makes customers uneasy and the public question the organization’s soundness. Whatever the reason for the high turnover must be addressed and eliminated so as to assuage any image of instability or any questionable company practices.

Monitor Customer Turnover

Discovering a mass exodus of customers from your organization is not a good sign of corporate image. Sure, there will be expected customer losses due to changes in pricing structures, product redesign or elimination. Even changes that are beyond your control like the economy or an increase from your vendors can lead to customer dissatisfaction. Aside from these factors, minimize as much as possible the customer attrition in your organization with solid customer service and proactive customer service. Listen to customer feedback on service issues and equip your organization with corporate representatives who can effectively and adequately address any customer needs and/or complaints effectively.

Publicly Address Issues

When a corporation addresses issues and problems within their organization immediately and thoroughly, they send a message that they are interested in and care about their company, their customers and their longevity in their industry. Usually corporations that take a proactive approach in their public image are far less likely to let situations get out of control that could potentially cause a negative mark in their customers’ eyes. Being proactive is the key.

Observe Social Responsibility

The public’s expectation of corporations has evolved significantly over the years. Whereas social responsibility used to be something that was considered impressive to do, has now become a preferred action for corporations. Why? Because the public is now more demanding in relation to products and services and are more demanding of the companies who offer them. Customers want and demand accountability in all areas and hold organizations to high standards when it comes to their social responsibility in general.

Create Tangible Management

How can you do this? By placing key office holders such as CEO’s, CFO’s, top management executives and advisors out front with the customer’s and clients. Show that your company is “in touch” with the people and have their best interest in mind. This is especially crucial when dealing with sensitive issues, public issues or questions that need to be addressed by the corporation. Management plays a crucial role in developing a corporation’s image, especially positive, so therefore great care should be taken in addressing the public in whatever mediums the corporation so chooses. Through the use of blogs, websites, press releases and newsletters, a company can develop a positive image and impact through their management’s presentation. Let the CEO of the company address customer’s via the company’s newsletter. Give the CFO a chance to numerate the company’s financial health via a monthly or quarterly blog entry. Go a step further and have the public relations officer give a press release about any news and developments within the company that directly affect the customer. The customers will both appreciate it and be impressed by it.

Take the time to develop a solid image relation campaign for your corporation or business. Assess where the needs are, meet them and be proactive in their development. Corporations can change their image in public structure with a few adjustments and attention to business detail.

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