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Potash Corp. — Excellence in Governance

Sometimes you come across a website that clearly stands out from its peers.

In Corporate Governance matters, I suggest the Potash Corporation.

There is so many noteworthy items here that I may need to do a second post on this company.

Potash Corporate Governance

The first item to note is the comprehensive Corporate Governance menu. Click on Goals and Performance and you view something that is rare on websites: the company’s goals for its Corporate Governance practices, and a performance evaluation.

Note you can also view performance for the last three years: now that is transparency.

Next, navigate to Core Values and Code of Conduct and you will view one of the best displays of this vital issue. 

Actions speak louder than words. Each of us is judged not by what we say by but what we do. This is a simple yet vitally important principle. It is why we must live up to the Code every day and in all that we do.

All of our stakeholders have an investment in us. We won’t let them down.

This is very telling since Potash clearly understands that Ethics is more than simply publishing a Code of Conduct. There is more:

The first links to a popup of the core values and code of conduct, including the certification required from each employee that they have read and will comply with this document; the second is a PDF version of this.

The third item links to a video of the CEO’s views on a variety of matters including Integrity, Listening to Stakeholders, Code of Conduct and more. There are also media choices such as Quicktime, Windows Media and Real Player, to ensure that it can be easily viewed by everyone. A brilliant example of setting the “Tone from the Top”.

Finally, visit Why Invest? 6 Keys to Understanding Our Business, where Potash does a great job of explaining the business, industry and their competitive advantage.

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