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Corporate Eye: Popular Posts 2009

2009As we’re nearing the end of 2009, I thought it would be a good time to look back at some of the most popular posts from Corporate Eye this year.

I’ve listed the most popular from each of our writers, based on pageviews, so later posts don’t get such a good run-up – most of these are from the first half of the year. I’ll add a few of the most popular ones from the second half of the year below.

Interestingly, the posts that received most visitors aren’t always the ones I would have expected to be the most popular – but I’m glad that people found them useful, interesting or entertaining.

Accessibility and Usability

Helen Baker wrote about accessibility and usability this year:


Susan Gunelius writes about a wide range of brand issues for us: here about popular brands of 2009, and the impact of brand changes:


Cynthia Giles analyses how companies use their corporate site as part of their recruitment process:

Corporate Governance

From Ed Konczal, whose posts for us cover corporate governance and ethics, two posts discussing the current financial crisis and the big issues in corporate governance this year:

Corporate Social Responsibility

These two posts by Chris Milton, who writes for us about corporate responsibility, are a related pair about the future of sustainability assurance:

Guest Posts

Every so often we have a guest post: these posts are from LaTeisha Overton and Colin Shaw respectively:

Investor Relations

Brian Nelson writes about investor relations “from the outside”, and his most popular posts this year were two from his series considering how investor relations might use Twitter (which definitely was a big story in 2009!):

Investor Relations

John Palizza, who covers investor relations “from the inside”, discussed effective investor relations sites, beginning a popular series on what makes a good IR site:


Bridget Wright covers media – these two popular posts are related to the American election:

And in other news…

Every so often I write about things that have caught my eye: here, I responded to a post by Paul Boag – and wrote about swine flu, which we all thought was going to be a big story in 2009…

July to December

And from the second half of the year, a further set of popular posts (one from each writer + one guest post):

So: were any of these your favourite Corporate Eye post of 2009? Do let us know what you liked best…

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