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Pharma Companies Educating Stakeholders On Drug Information

I recently posted some profiles of bio-pharma companies and noted how they attempted to explain highly technical information. While they did a commendable job, there was a need to better describe the nature of clinical trials and to define terminology.

GlaxoSmithKline comes to the rescue with their website Clinical Study Register. This is a separate site from the main Glaxo website.

GSK Drug Register
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Items of note include–

  • On the right is a comprehensive search for all of the company’s drugs.
  • There is a link to a glossary of terms on the left.
  • And links to other websites.

Nicely done.

I clicked on the Protocol Summary for Bupropion. (This is a partial list). Some of the terms may not be commonly known.

For example “Double-blind”. To get a definition you may go to the Glossary of Terms section and get —

Double-Blind. In a double-blind study, neither the investigator nor the subject knows which drug or placebo the subject received.

OK, I get it.

Other companies offer similar websites. For example Lilly offers its Clinical Trial Registry; the Terminology section is useful.

Amgen offers comprehensive clinical drug trials information on the corporate website.


Note also the link to the Code of Ethics.

All these companies are to be commended for their efforts to educate stakeholders on important drug information.

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