Corporate Eye


Paul Nixon, our CEO, explains our services and value proposition.

Introduction to Corporate Eye

Paul introduces who we are, what we do, and why you should use us.


8:51 minutes

Why use Corporate Eye? Focus on RoI

Paul talks about how we deliver return on investment for our services, whether by increasing sales, reducing costs or improving share price and reputation.


11:41 minutes

Why use Corporate Eye? Mitigate Reputational Risk

Paul explains the 4 ways we help to reduce reputational risk.


7:13 minutes

Why use Corporate Eye? Customisable Framework

Paul explains how the Corporate Eye unique benchmarking system embeds deep expertise and gives companies a way to measure and improve their online presence.


12:34 minutes

Why use Corporate Eye? Content Optimisation

Paul explains how we help companies make better use of content to tell their story more effectively


5:23 minutes

Why use Corporate Eye? Improved Market Position

Paul explains how if you use our services you will improve your market position relative to your peers and, more importantly, in the perceptions of your stakeholders.


7:18 minutes

Stuart Bartram talks about the Corporate Eye service

Stuart Bartram, one of our first clients, talks about his experiences with Corporate Eye in his role as Manager of the Global Brand Digital team at Aviva.