Corporate Eye

Our services

For Digital, typical projects include:

  • Digital strategies for multiple companies (including social media strategies
  • Special focus areas:
    • transforming digital recruitment
    • corporate communications
    • marketing communications (B2B)
    • reputation and risk management
  • Benchmarking reports

For IT projects, typical work includes:

  • IT Project review/audit
  • Turnround of problem IT projects
  • Turnround strategies for software related businesses
  • Agency and software selection for clients (running bid process and selection
  • Requirements definition, solution design, test strategy, implementation planning, test management and project management (including managing on and offshore delivery agencies)
  • Negotiation of software contracts on behalf of clients


Our reports are customisable for each client. We work with you to understand what your requirements are so that we can create a report that addresses your business objectives—whether that is by stakeholder group, a theme such as “modern” or “innovative”, or with a focus on online reputation.

We can provide a detailed analysis of your site, your peers, related industries, best in class, etc… with recommendations for improvement ranging from quick wins to more complex solutions, and if required, a detailed strategic roadmap to help with your resource and budgetary planning over the coming years.

If required, we can also present our work to internal stakeholders as a formal presentation or as an interactive workshop.

The feedback we have had from clients who have previously had benchmark reports from our competitors is that the Corporate Eye reports are far more detailed, and provide much more customised and relevant ideas with consideration to the company’s industry, brand and unique messaging requirements. See what our clients have said below…

If you would like to find out more about our online benchmarking tool please get in touch.

Our consultancy services are becoming more and more popular and are often requested by those clients who have initially chosen to use either our online benchmarking tool or our benchmark reporting services.

Our benchmarking tools and reports provide a great framework for you to understand your current position and to provide well structured thinking for improvement but our clients often want us to continue working with them in a more involved way during projects.

The type of consultancy services we provide include the following, although if you have a particular requirement that isn’t listed here please do get in touch as we are sure we could help: this isn’t an exhaustive list of our capabilities.

  • Benchmark audit and strategy – corporate site to complete web estate
  • Digital strategy
  • Review of specific stakeholder areas e.g. Investor Relations
  • Sales and marketing review
  • Customer service review
  • Content harvesting – we optimise the use of existing corporate materials such as the annual report and analyst presentation to enhance the corporate website
  • Information architecture
  • Content review
  • Content production

Is your digital recruitment working as well as it should?

Do you attract the best talent and give them an excellent experience when they apply so that whether they get the job or not, they still talk about you positively?

In our work with clients we see issues such as:

  • Struggling to find the best people
  • Lack of effort to try and attract job seekers
  • Vacancies not being visible on search engines
  • Poor content that doesn’t engage, lacks personality and doesn’t tell job seekers what they want or need to know or reflect the necessary regional differences
  • Building in disrespect into automated responses (“If you don’t hear from us within a month, we won’t be following up with you” (for that read “we don’t care”)
  • Dreadful candidate experience and expectations management
  • Zero human response to candidate queries
  • Inefficient recruitment pipelines that lose good candidates along the process
  • Multi-million costs due to people joining the company who don’t fit the culture and leave…

We saw how badly many companies perform in this area with the help of poorly implemented Application Tracking Systems (ATS) that can even inhibit attracting job seekers let alone putting them off when they apply.

We started our Mystery Candidate service and found that whether through overload, under-resourcing or lack of priority, a good dose of customer service and decent response levels needs to be applied in this area.

We have partnered with best of breed suppliers and have a flexible four stage solution from a diagnostic through to benefits delivery that can transform your digital recruitment.

Our approach is unique because:

  • We have unique tools developed by our partners, that measure the right things
  • We take an end to end view concentrating on results i.e. delivering a step change in the number of the right people applying to you
  • We make the most of the tools and content that you already have
  • We optimise content both for SEO AND for the job seekers
  • Our approach is flexible and can be shaped around your needs and organisation.

Call us if you’d like to hear more.

"Without doubt, the Corporate Eye reports are the best in the market"
Having worked with a number of agencies that offer corporate website benchmarking and strategic advice, I have to say that the combination of Paul Nixon's strategic knowledge and real life experience combined with the power of Corporate Eye's tools puts him into a completely different league to other consultants
The most useful part is being able to talk to someone about the strategy for digital communications and how best to translate these ideas into working practice – it’s what sets Corporate Eye apart from the others.
The Content strategy presentation was invaluable – it really helped us to piece together where we could do better and gave us some really good examples which we can adapt to our company and its audiences
Fantastic at brainstorming with and discussing upcoming trends etc. I find their input in the meetings a real help in strategising the next steps of the corporate site.