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One free ticket available…

conferenceI wrote a post a while ago announcing that we’d arranged for Corporate Eye readers to receive a 20% discount on the price of a ticket to the Rebuilding Reputation conference that Communicate Magazine are running on 22 September, in London.

That’s still true… but there’s more. We’ve been given one ticket to give away for free to one of our newsletter subscribers. So if you’ve been thinking that you’d really like to go, but that the budget wouldn’t allow it, here’s your chance.

Not yet a subscriber but would really like a chance for a free ticket? See that box in the top right? Sign up for the newsletter there, and you’ll be on the list to receive the next one. As a new subscriber, you should get a copy of the last newsletter fairly quickly – but that’s not the one.

The next newsletter, which should come out early next week is out now, available to new subscribers until next edition is out [edited by Lucy to update], is the one with instructions on how to enter this competition. It won’t be difficult, but you will need to be quick – only one ticket available.

So go ahead – sign-up! You might win a ticket, but if you don’t, you’ll still be able to get 20% off the ticket price, and I hope you’d find our newsletter interesting too.

Of course, if you’re already signed up for our newsletter, just keep your eye on your inbox – and thank you!

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