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Notes from a Pretty Good Webinar!

A couple of months ago, I posted about my disappointment with a webinar I’d attended, and added a few thoughts about webinars in general.  The gist was “execution is key,” and that proposition has been nicely confirmed by my most recent webinar experience.

The topic this time:  Introductory Twitter for Recruiters: How to Minimize Your Time and Maximize ROI.  Presented by “Arbita ACES’s master cybersleuth, Glenn Gutmacher,” the webinar was informative, interesting, and smoothly run.  A conversational style and well-organized PowerPoint deck made for a good flow–and although the deck was mainly text, with just a few screenshots, that worked okay for the topic.  Attendees received a PDF of the presentation deck, plus a party favor in the form of Arbita’s nifty Twitter GuruGuide (aka “cheat sheet”).

If you want to see/hear the webinar for yourself—Arbita provides free access to a recording of the webinar for a “limited time” via a link near the top of this page

For those who don’t know much about Twitter, this presentation offers an outstanding introduction. And if you do know something, or even much, about Twitter, you’ll probably still find out something new, especially in terms of using Twitter for recruiting.  The presentation is filled with information, and there’s no useful way to summarize the content.  But here are a few highlights that have standalone usefulness:

  • From the slide “How to Optimize Your Profile, a link to this overview at twitter how to.
  • From the slide “Posting (Tweeting) and ReTweeting (RT),” this excellent reminder: “Follow the 90/10 rule: 90% of your tweets are giving (adding value for those that follow you) and 10% are taking (shameless self-promotion).”
  • From the slide  “Searching with Twellow,” a link to Ryan Leary’s helpful post on that topic.
  • From the slide “Twitter Lists,” a good idea:  “Create topical lists (e.g., competitors, all your teammates/colleagues, experts in your favorite hobbies, etc.), and create a feed of that list for your LinkedIn Group, Facebook Page, Blog, or RSS reader.”
  • From the slide “Best Uses of Twitter for Recruiters,” this tip:  “Write an ongoing series of tweets that showcase your expertise. Make sure to include a link to more details.”
  • From the slide “Get a Third Party Dashboard,” a look at how programs like TweetDeck can help to manage Twitter more productively.

I’m signed up for another webinar soon—this one from Vocus, the PR people, on 2010 State of the Media.  Don’t forget that understanding public relations is important for successful employer branding!  No time for the webinar?  Download the white paper.  Highlight:

Good advice for capturing the attention of viewers and the media is to create your own blog. According to the Society for New Communications Research, less than 20 percent of Fortune 500 Companies publish corporate blogs. Meanwhile, PR organizations that are active in social media and create enough buzz about company news may attract the attention of the traditional media.

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