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Nokia Siemens Website — Taking On The Financial Crisis

I happened to come by this website and found some interesting content. First there is a reference that offers current and prospective clients advice on how to deal with the Financial Crisis. This is a very innovative approach that is in line with the idea that crises include not only danger but opportunities. This graphic is displayed on the Credit Crunch page

Some creative thinking here — they are offering advice to Communications Services Providers (CSPs): companies that might use the company’s products and services. There is more information on this page, including a comprehensive PDF download that includes case studies. But there’s more. On this page is a link to a page called Unite

This image is just the top of the page. There is a storehouse of references on this page. Note the theme from the previous page, “Reducing loss, improving efficiency and increasing revenue”, is continued on the left navigation with added information on each topic and even more related resources. For example–

Additional information

Now that is really trying to help your customers.

While I was on the company’s site, I decided to look at other sections, and found–

a Solutioneering section where you will find an innovative approach to testimonials

In summary, Nokia-Siemens provides its customers with a unusually robust and well displayed set of information. Self-serving and a sales approach? Perhaps, but the depth and breath of assistance provided is noteworthy.

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