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Nickelodeon Says No to Slime and Yes to Boring


I agree with miss Susan. Nickelodeon is turning their backs on what made them special,out of the box ,different,fun,and endearing. I order to win the real fans back you have to go back to the old school way of doing it with game show,witty cartoons,classic cartoons,and line ups. no more marathon of spongebob,no more three hours of I Carly,no more sexullaly driven show with in return aways upset the parents.I beliveve that in order to beat disney you have to play your own game.Trust me a lot of people i know hate the disney network with appeal mostly to girls.Try to beat disney by apealing to both boy and girls.this was done in the old nick with show like,clarrissa explains it all,kennan and kel,pete and pete,and shelby woo.
thank you miss Susan.

I think the ‘n’ comes from a font used by the channel called The N. Just a hunch.

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