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New Marketing vs. Old Marketing: Using the Same Message

There’s nothing wrong with using the same marketing techniques over and over; especially if they’re getting results. And results are just what the Mars company seem to be getting. First introduced to American GI’s in World War II, their M&M chocolate candies have been a delicious and fun to watch marketing plan from the very beginning.

Here is an older video commercial of one of the M&M debuts from 1960. Does anyone remember this one?

They’re marketing has always been a hit because their product is so much fun and it’s fun to eat! But what I see from them is consistency across the line, no matter when the time of their commercial was. During a period where social media and new media are pretty hot, companies like Mars are staying consistent and productive with their same message. Take a look at this one from the 90s:

Marketing techniques are only as effective, as they are effective. If they are working for your company, is it really necessary to change them? Does it really make a significant difference if the marketing message looks different to your consumers, or are they more concerned with the product behind the message? What do you think?

I think the Mars company hit the marketing nail on the head with their consistency in their marketing message. This proves that it really doesn’t take a whole lot of new marketing ideas or twists to convey their message. Mars has proven that with theirs.

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