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Mobile Ads Get 80% of Clicks in First 90 Seconds

mobile ad click rate graph mouseThe lifespan of a mobile ad is very short. In fact, three minutes after it displays to a user, a mobile ad has already received about 100% of the click-throughs that it will ever get.

This data comes from a study published by Andrew Waber of Chitika on Marketingland, which analyzed a single week of ad performance on the Chitika ad network. No, this is not a large study, so the results are certainly not something you should plan your mobile advertising strategies around. However, these results are indicative of the mobile advertising environment.

At the very least, you should test and track your own mobile marketing ads to determine what their lifespans are. Based on the results, you might want to vary your creative, rethink your placements, or even retool your entire strategy.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key data provided in the report. Following is a breakdown of the approximate percentage of total clicks that occurred throughout the first 330 seconds after a smartphone user loaded a page that included a mobile ad:

  • 15-seconds: highest percentage of clicks
  • 30-seconds: 46% of clicks
  • 60-seconds: 69% of clicks
  • 90-seconds: 79% of clicks
  • 120-seconds: 85% of clicks
  • 180-seconds: 90% of clicks
  • 300-seconds: 95% of clicks

It’s important to point out that this data is based behaviors among an audience of North American smarthphone users, but the results for North American tablet users were very similar:

  • 30-seconds: 52% of clicks
  • 60-seconds: 72% of clicks
  • 90-seconds: 81% of clicks
  • 120-seconds: 86% of clicks
  • 180-seconds: 91% of clicks
  • 300-seconds: 95% of clicks

Timing is critical in mobile marketing and regardless of device or mobile operating system, the click-through pattern for mobile ads remains much the same. If your ad doesn’t get a click within the first two minutes, it’s already too late. Real-time reporting is essential. Brand marketers are quick to invest in A/B testing and other types of performance tracking, but few analyze real-time mobile advertising statistics in order to make changes to underperforming ad creative and placement as quickly as possible.

Finding out that your ad delivered unacceptable ROI weeks after-the-fact when your agency finally delivers performance reports to you is something that should never happen in mobile advertising. Remember, your ad will fail or succeed within 120-seconds.

Image: Svilen Milev

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