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Getting news and developments on a consistent basis requires diligent reporters who can turn a story into interesting news in a quick amount of time. Most news sources online and offline have reporters on beats who are dedicated and committed to their stories. They also want reporters who can make the stories interesting, engaging, insightful and resourceful for the readers. In other words, it’s got to be good.

Standard news reporting via standard journalism is still practiced (and should be) among news outlets. But one type of news reporting that’s pretty exciting and that many, MANY corporate blogs are starting to use is live blogging. What makes live blogging so phenomenally cool is the way it’s done. Live blogging basically is taking notes, recording lectures or presentations and recording the news as it develops and happens and reporting on it piece by piece. It’s like a story unfolding right before your readers and you are feeding the information to them as it is given to you.

Another fascinating thing about live blogging is its versatility to various platforms and the ability to connect seamlessly to other social networking sites. Most of the gear that live bloggers use to do their live blogging all work in conjunction to make a complete live blogging event mesmerizing. Digital cameras, video cameras, high-speed Internet access and various other hardware and software accessories can make the live blogger quick and and highly productive. Flickr is used to download photos, YouTube is used to upload recordings, Twitter’s for micro-blogging and then there’s just the regular blog posts. All of these work in conjunction to make live blogging awesome. Although standard blogging is still all the rage, live blogging is quickly establishing itself as a preferred way to blog for some corporate mediums and even some individuals.

Live Blogging Examples:

Here is a transcript of a live blogger’s account of General Motors 100th anniversary celebration.

Another one here of live coverage of Steve Jobs’ speech at an Apple’s music-related event.

The Wall Street Journal’s live blogging transcript of Microsoft’s Conference Call.

Political live blogging. This kind really gets exciting as we get closer to the election.

If you have a corporate blog, why not give live blogging a try. It seems to be a great medium for businesses that connect immediately to their buyers and want an approachable style that’s easy to manage. 

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