Corporate Eye

La Rentrée

Today is finally – finally! – back-to-school day here: after a 7-week summer holiday. I’m sure summer was never that long when I was younger…

The French have a great word for it: la rentrée. It applies particularly to back-to-school, but there is also a political rentrée, as everything starts afresh after the holidays; and again the same is true for business people as they return refreshed and revitalised.

So the significance includes a clean, fresh start, or renewal. Advertisers have been, naturally, making a big deal out of it, choosing to use la rentrée, and new resolutions, as themes.

Even on the autoroutes as we drove north at the weekend (yes, we were on holiday), the gantry displays were trying to persuade us to make new resolutions to keep your speed down, or your seatbelts buckled up, for la rentrée.

So, since many of us greet September enthusiastically, with its freight of clean pages, new pens and fresh faces, I thought I’d ask what you were planning to change on your corporate website for la rentrée?

After all, new resolutions don’t have to be restricted to 1 January…

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