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Johnson and Johnson Want More of the Social Media Pie

Johnson and Johnson is a very popular, industry leading manufacturer of baby care products; baby lotion, baby oil, bath wash, baby equipment, and so on. They’ve been around for quite some time now, and are actively and aggressively jumping on the bandwagon with a new campaign that’s targeting mommy bloggers. They are using social media’s platforms like Facebook and Youtube, having mommy bloggers further their message and excite online users about their products.

Many corporate entities are realizing the force and the persuasion that mommy bloggers carry. They see that educated, professional yet domestic divas also have the ability to persuade audiences to buy particular brands. This is why they are actively pursuing them evangelize their products. Who else to blog about a product but the very users of them? Where else can you get an unbiased, real and truthful opinion about a product than from the very users who are serviced? After all, if the users are happy, the company is too. But, what’s the catch?

 The company is launching a “Big Bubblin’ Stars” contest on YouTube behind its recently launched bubble-bath product, offering a grand prize of $10,000 and a chance for the winner to become host of a channel launched in 2005. To enter the contest, moms upload three-minute videos of their kids.

Not really a catch, I wouldn’t say because it’s all enjoyable. I’d love the opportunity to videotape my kids (the hams they are) upload it to a social networking site, share it and secure a chance to win ten grand. Who wouldn’t? All moms love making pictures and videos of t heir little ones, so a boring time this shouldn’t be for anyone, including the moms who participate and the judges who judge the selections. But, how well will the campaign do?

Moms are all over the Facebook site, much to the delight of Facebook and to the advantage of Johnson and Johnson. Good news in that it means that their message will reach many more people in more of a “customized” fashion from people who know people. And, in this case, those other “people” are moms who are influential.

So does this mean that the folks at Johnson and Johnson recognize a good thing when they see it (as far marketing goes), or do they want more exposure in the social arena? Or both? Probably both!

Any solid company with a forward thinking marketing department realizes that they only way to grow is to go – go with the direction and trends that are happening right now, especially if they are sound. And right now, social media is quite sound and very profitable for most industries and lots of users. Johnson and Johnson is going to make a mommy winner very happy with this contest’s grand prize. There will be a lot of buzz going on as well on many Facebook pages. Which reminds me…I’d better go check mine now!

Do you think Johnson and Johnson are on to a good idea or the same idea re-packaged? Do you see any value in offering this type of incentive for the users? Or, is all the benefit for the company only?

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