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Jockey Tries to Blur Gender Lines with Women’s Y-fronts

jockey-y-front-underpants-for-womenBoy shorts are one thing, but Y-front underwear for women?  That’s not attractive.  However, Jockey is betting that women want to look androgenous or downright manly, so the company is launching Y-front underpants for women.  The Y-front offers no utility, but it does de-feminize the wearer.  Hmmm…. I think this is going to be a hard sell.

There are several forms of gender branding, and the androgenous brand is popular for a number of consumer products brands such as Old Navy and Calvin Klein.  But clearly there is a line that a brand can cross when androgyny becomes less interesting and just plain ugly.  In short, just because a product attribute is popular for one gender, does not mean it will be equally popular for the opposite gender. 

I suppose you can look at it this way.  There was that scene in the Charlie’s Angels movie where Cameron Diaz danced in Underoos, so perhaps the new Y-front women’s Jockey underpants will become a short term fad that high school girls might embrace.  However, I have to believe that the majority of women, even those who like “practical” underwear, would steer clear of the Y-front Jockey.  At the very least, the extremely small segment of consumers who will come to love and advocate the Y-front Jockey underpants for women are just that — a small group. 

Certainly, there is a better way for the Jockey brand to connect with women consumers.  Rather than trying to turn them into men, how about helping them feel more like the amazing women they are by offering products that make them feel great and look great?  Perhaps that’s just too simple.

Your thoughts?

Image: Jockey

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Women in boxer shorts is something I can see, but in men’s briefs? I don’t think so. This would be like Victoria’s Secret coming up with a line of “mangerie”; I call dibs on this name though it calls to mind the “Bro/Manssiere” episode of Seinfeld.

I am inclined to agree with your assessment of these manly underwear for women… i will however admit that i bought two pairs of these underwear for myself… and I look smashing… they just dont make mens underwear with pizzazz anymore….

I personally love the women’s Y-front. They’re the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever put on, and I haven’t been buying anything else since I first discovered them.

I have some and i love them, they make me look slender and look really nice, i have green though, not blue :)

My girlfriend has bought some and we both think they are great.
She finds them really comfortable and sexy as well.
The inverted Y enhances and draws attention to her mons pubis.
A briefer cut would be nice but try them out ladies, pop a pair on and give him a wiggle, he will be far from putty in your hands!

Women’s Y-fronts are the comfiest underwear you will ever buy, and I think the y-front looks funky. Will buy them as long as they make them.

Ladys’ “y” fronts ? Depends on the shape of who’s wearing them. And also depends on who’s looking, they might not like them no matter waht they look like on men or women.
How many men wear pantys ? Word is,, more men have started to wear them. Because they like the fit,, and more variety now available in womens pantys.
Again, depends on who’s wearing either one. Preferences.
Thanx !

Stan Daughish

90% of my underwear drawer consists of “panties”, I prefer the fit and support and the choice of styles / colors compared to men’s underwear is huge. My fiancé and I even “trade” underwear/panties. After they’re bought, if we don’t like the way they fit or feel, we offer it up to the other. We have gotten very good at knowing how well it will fit the other based on how it fits us. We love the fact that we can do this.

I realize this article was posted several years ago, however, I’ve been a purchaser of Jockey’s women’s panties for years. I’m fortunate…I’m tall and lean…so I’m primarily a thong wearer, however, I also like their boyshorts. They just look better and they fit great. I’m just saying

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