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Jobseekers bank on good Careers content


There’s no getting around it. The key to successful online recruiting is having great careers content. Radical web design is one way to achieve this, and readers of this blog will know how much I liked all the ideas on Medallia’s creative website. But this isn’t the only way to grab jobseekers’ attention. An apparently conventional looking Careers section can engage and also be inventive. And it just so happens that I’ve just come across a great website to illustrate this.

BNY Mellon is an American multinational banking and financial services provider. There are lots of things to like on their Career pages, but it’s the subtle touches which caught my eye. Take a look at their “Day in the Life” role profiles for a start. There’s a lot of stuff you’d expect to find here, plus links to similar jobs and some great insight and culture messages. And take a look at the video here. At first glance, this looks like the sort of polished information film that can be found on many career sites. But how many of those videos include a transcript for those who want or need one?

The Interviewing at BNY Mellon pages have also been well-designed with interview and application tips from current employees, plus a high profile list of FAQs. It’s obvious that BNY Mellon have put a lot of thought into those cheap to add but super-effective webpage extras, and that includes vacancy details. Added to the usual location and job role filters, BNY Mellon have also added “entry level” as a filter, and this provides an extra layer of guidance for jobseekers seeking appropriate roles. And each one of their vacancy descriptions also including a brief overview of what the company does and it’s culture. Okay, it may not sound like the most exciting part of career content strategy, but it’s these little details that can make all the difference.

It’s not just the small subtle things that BNY Mellon do well. There’s a big emphasis on encouraging jobseekers to engage with the company, whether that’s by signing up for alerts and updates, or by joining BNY’s Talent community on social media community. Add to that high profile content demonstrating the bank’s achievements with campus recruitment, diversity, CSR, innovation, and industry recognition, and a clear picture emerges. BNY Mellon has a great recruiting story to tell, and it can be found in every part of its career content.

There’s so much to like on BNY Mellon pages, a short blog post doesn’t really do it justice (and I haven’t even mentioned how they discuss benefits and wellbeing). With so much good content on show, it’s possible that those readers with careers content responsibility might be feeling a tad overawed. Well if you are, don’t be. There are two key learning points that every company can take from BNY Mellon’s pages, regardless of industry and webpage budget.

Firstly, think about subtle quick wins. Look at the small things BNY Mellon have added that have really added value, and look at your career pages. Are there any easy to implement extras that can be added that could really help a visiting jobseeker? Secondly, be consistent, and share your story with jobseekers. Every company has a story to tell, and every page of career content should be used to tell that story.

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