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Job Ads in Print and Social Media

Reading New Scientist (print version) over lunch yesterday, I noticed that of the 13 companies (not agencies) advertising jobs:

  • 1 used a QR code, leading to the job-search page of the corporate site
  • 1 included a link to the corporate careers Twitter account
  • but 1 did not include even a website address (though it could be deduced from the email address given).

Apart from the fascination of unfamiliar job titles (Environmental Fate scientist?), there are two interesting things here.

  • One is the low level of reference to any social media activity, despite the recent infographic from Jobvite, which I saw at The Undercover Recruiter indicating that 92% of companies recruit using social media. 2 out of 13 is a long way from 92%. Of course, the others may be recruiting on line but not referencing that in print, but why not remind potential candidates to look you up online?
  • The other—which perhaps explains the first—is that the job ads have all moved online: there are 1,335 jobs available in the UK advertised at, vs the 22 advertised in print. So if you’re looking for a job, you know where to start: online, of course.

Interesting, but perhaps not unexpected.

In case you’re curious: that Environmental Fate scientist is needed to look at the environmental effect of chemicals from agriculture, industry and pharmaceuticals—you do take those unwanted medications back to the pharmacist for disposal, don’t you?

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