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Is Flipagram the Hot New App for Brand Marketers?

Flipagram App smallFlipagram is a simple mobile app that enables users to choose images in their Instagram or Facebook accounts or the photo albums on their Apple or Android devices, add some music from iTunes radio or the Flipagram music library, and create a 15-second to 30-second video, which can be uploaded to their social media accounts. It’s quick, easy to use, and has become the number one free app in Apple’s app store.

So far, the app is most popular among younger mobile users who want something a bit different than what YouTube and Vine provide. However, there is a lot of brand marketing potential with Flipagram.

Consider this—at the end of 2013, large numbers of people were downloading Flipagram and creating 2013-recap slideshows. After creating the videos, they shared them on Twitter, Facebook, and more. A number of these videos were shared on the Flipagram Facebook page.

Now, imagine how Flipagram can be used for brand marketing. Brand storytelling is so important in marketing today, and Flipagram provides another way to create and tell brand stories. Those stories can be about anything that helps to deepen the emotional connection between your brand and consumers. According to the Flipagram blog, brands like Victoria’s Secret, Billabong, Universal Studios, and ESPN Sportscenter have already published Flipagram videos.

Following are some ideas for how you can use Flipagram for brand marketing:

  1. Recaps of trade shows, conferences, and other events
  2. Highlights from webinars, lectures, etc.
  3. Customer review compilations
  4. Images of people using your products in unique, fun, or other ways
  5. Product demonstrations
  6. Answers to customer questions
  7. Teasers for upcoming marketing campaigns
  8. Contests
  9. Crowdsourced videos
  10. Peaks behind the scenes into your company, office, warehouses, etc.

Get creative. Think about opportunities where and when you can take pictures and use those pictures to create short videos. Just be careful about the music you choose to accompany your videos, and don’t forget to follow copyright laws.

Flipagram is still very new, and usage is going to increase quickly. Start thinking about how you can integrate it into your social media marketing campaigns now. It’s January, so consider crowdsourcing images of people using your brand in their new year’s resolutions, in winter weather, and so on. Kick things off by creating your own Flipagram videos based on those themes. You can turn it into a contest to increase participation and shareability. The opportunities are wide open since so few brands are using Flipagram but its growth potential is huge.

Image: Flipagram

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