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Want to know what the corporate giants do?

Are you interested in corporate intranets? What about finding out what the world’s biggest blue-chip companies do behind their firewall? How do they manage information and communication across such big organisations?

IBF are hosting a 24 hour online collaborative event focused on intranet innovation, and are expecting hundreds of the world’s largest organisations to join in, sharing best practices and learning from each other.

Astonishingly, this is a chance to visit some of the world’s most advanced intranets, corporate portals and information workplaces – behind the firewall! This should be an extraordinary event …

IBF are expecting competitors, partners, customers and suppliers to come together – virtually – on 18th June at IBF 24. Obviously not everyone will stay for the full 24 hours, but there will be keynote speeches, Q&A sessions, 12 live intranet tours, and breakout sessions, so delegates can pick and choose the sessions most relevant to them. IBF will be broadcasting live, and material will be available to delegates later via the archive.

We’ve received a press release, in which the IBF Chairman and CEO, Paul Miller, is quoted as saying:

We already have in excess of 300 delegates attending IBF 24 from around the globe from organisations such as BP, HSBC, Sara Lee, Microsoft, BHP, Deloitte and Reuters. Given that this is such a unique event, we’re not certain how many delegates we’ll end up with but we fully expect over 1000 to attend and we’re already seeing that major organisations are very keen to not miss this pioneering chance to learn, see, interact and develop.

In fact, using IBF 24 as a focal point, many organisations are choosing to host global Intranet Days combining it with local in-person sessions and using IBF 24 as a day of ‘reflection’ to discuss their intranet. Obviously, we don’t expect delegates to join IBF 24 for the whole 24 hours but to participate in sessions of especial interest to them. Joining and leaving as they wish.

Our focus here is on internet rather than intranet, but nevertheless, this sounds like an astonishing opportunity to learn from the best in the world, and the organisation of the event itself is fascinating – a 24 hour web event is no small organisational task.

Wonder how long before someone steps up and organises something similar for outward-facing communications? Collaboration is less likely, perhaps, but it would be fascinating to be easily able to compare the best in each area, or in each peer group.

Speaking of which, we have big changes going on behind the scenes here, so keep coming back as we’ll be expanding the scale and range of our services here soon.

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