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I Heart Grilled Cheese! Kraft Launches an Opinion Campaign…About Cheese

Kraft doesn’t care how cheesy you are. The cheesier you are, the more likely you are to win. Cheese that is, and more specifically, slices of it. It’s national I Heart (that means love) Grilled Cheese Month.

The largest food marketer in the country is launching this contest to increase their exposure and to try and combat the ill effects of a plundering U.S. economy. What is the contest? Well in 50 words or less, you have to tell why it is that you love the gooey, yummy processed squares so much.

In 50 words or fewer, tell us why grilled cheese brings a smile to your face, and you could receive a coupon for a FREE pack of KRAFT Singles! We’re randomly selecting 500 people to receive a coupon every week in April.*

[Please go to the Kraft site to enter this competition, here: Leaving a comment here will not count as an entry. ED.]

You need to be as convincing as you can be as you share your “cheesiest” answer. The best answers that catches the cheese judges eye with their pitches then moves on until a final winner is selected.

Hard times call for hard measures and being creative in marketing is undoubtedly one of the measures to offset financial challenges that may exist within corporate entities. Although Kraft has done extremely well in profits over the years, their last quarterly reported financial earnings felt a slight drop:

2008’s earnings fell a whopping 72%, which Kraft blamed on taxes, restructuring costs and commodity hedges.

Yes, creativity is the way to go. Or is it? In cases like this, I’d say it is. It all depends upon your brand, your product, your audience and your marketing goals. Although Kraft is already branded somewhat and is already a household name, they really don’t have to try that hard to get name recognition. They may quite possibly be holding such a contest as this one to further their mission and objective of being a household name.

Marketing using media resources is nothing new for corporate America, but marketing using creative, unusual techniques is. This contest that Kraft is holding for the cheesiest entries is bound to get some really, really good answers…and I’m sure a few quacks and duds too. While I’m not a BIG fan of processed cheese, I did go to the site to enter my reasons for why Kraft cheese makes me smile. Well, more specifically why the cheese makes my kids smile, and my kids make me smile. The rules didn’t say anything about that type of entry not qualifying so let’s see if it gets anywhere.

One thing that is for sure is that this type of campaign is not typical or regular. But, does it need to be typical or regular to get the attention it needs? Don’t campaigns need to be different, to stand out? Or does it even need to be lucrative? Cheese is cheese right?

Kraft’s fight against economic effects is a great example for all corporate entities to be creative in their media marketing and customer outreach. Being boring, being the same, being regular is not good enough. Cheese anyone?

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