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The Huggies Brand Embraces the Social Media in Many Directions

Most everyone who’s a parent is all to familiar with the popular diaper brand Huggies. I’ve used quite my share of them myself with having reared three little ones through numerous boxes, no cases, of diapers over the years. The brand is great and absolutely reliable.

Just recently, an article on the Mashable social media site talked about how Huggies has launched a social media campaign along with the Circle of Moms on Facebook that will give them even more exposure for their brand. When I saw that they were on Facebook, I immediately signed up as a site user, knowing that I likely will never buy another diaper again, but more so that I can still receive emails and offers on their other products that they have. The idea here is to never discount a company because you don’t need the ONE thing that you’ve been buying from them. Check out their other offers and see what other values you can use.

The Huggies brand has made quite a media impact by catering to their UK audience as well. How? Well, I notice that they have 2 Twitter pages that are live. One is at their regular Twitter U.S. based site, and the other one is with their UK based Twitter site. Now while neither one has a particularly huge base of followers, they still have the right resource in place to appeal to a lot of moms. But, when I joined their Facebook based site, there were/are literally thousands and thousands of members there. Perhaps they find things more lucrative via Facebook?

I know to each his own in their social networking selection, but I do think Twitter has a place in Huggies lives. Yes, there are certainly advantages to the Facebook presence, but maybe they should also consider the real time marketing that they could get with Twittering. And not to mention, with a UK based Twitter site along with their US based Twitter site, they have the potential to reach a significant number of moms to market to. What do you think? Is it worth their time and effort to do that?

While I will most likely keep my Huggies Facebook account (yes, because I absolutely love Facebook), I do wish they would consider beefing up their Twitter account as well. It’s a convenience that is quick, direct, and to the point for those moms who are pressed for time and may not be able to view photos, leave comments, etc. like on Facebook.

Just an idea for Huggies to consider. Do you agree?

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Yes I agree. They should beef up as many forms of social media that they can. It is hard to judge the rate of return though.

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