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One of the blogs I keep my little beady eye upon is “Civilising the Economy” by Marvin Brown, professor of business ethics at the University of San Francisco.  You can get  a measure of the man and his writing from the blog’s strapline:

My goal here is not to think outside the box but change the box we think in.

Anyway, a recent post he’s put up is about developing a new course on the Read the rest

CSR through the eyes of indigenous people

As the economic and social certainties of yester-century fade before our eyes and a new form of business starts to shape itself around ideas of responsibility and sustainability, a few countries come to the fore as nexuses of change happening right before our eyes(*).

One of those places is Colombia.

For many years—decades—Colombia was a hotbed of insurgency and insurrection.  Competing factions of communist rebels and wealthy drugs cartels sprang up across the country and … Read the rest


Two years ago the Danish government published a set of guidelines on green advertising claims.  It said

Environmental or ethical claims in marketing should .. be correct and precise and exaggerations as to the company’s or the product’s ethical qualities or positive effects should be prohibited

Now the US too has issued tighter guidelines.

This month the Federal Trade Commission reissued its Green Guides for the first time since 1998.  These lay out the standards … Read the rest

servers in a data centre

When companies first started moving information online, it seemed like an environmentalist’s dream, with the “paperless office” saving the rainforests. In fact running a website carries an environmental cost because of the power demands: not just for the site visitors, but on the servers that host and deliver the website, and the cooling mechanisms needed to keep this equipment from overheating.

So how can you reduce the environmental footprint of your site? In theory at … Read the rest