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How Major U.S. Networks Stack Up: CBS, NBC, ABC Compared

Corporate media is a popular and busy animal. Never a dull moment, there is always something to report, something to analyze,  good news to share and rumors to dispel.  And since there is always something to be shared at all times, I curiously went to three of the major U.S. television network sites to see how they fare in reporting the “media” part of media relations to the public and to the online world. Here’s what I found:


Grade: B-

The main CBS home page for media relations was very easy to find. Now initially, I almost became frustrated because I couldn’t find the link to get to the media information, but after more scanning I located it. I found out too that the reason that I could not readily find the link was because it was buried within more links. Not a problem though, and actually quite alright. When I clicked on the links within the media section, I immediately saw that there were more links within each sub-section of the media’s section. I like the way that they organized the sub-folders and how it guides you to where you need to be exactly.

The CBS site gives a journalist everything he needs to make a story. Good links, easy-to-navigate pages and clear directions on how to find everything.



Grade: B-

The site at NBC was a little more difficult to navigate, as things weren’t quite readily accessible as you would imagine. Although I’m sure it must be there somewhere, I simply cannot find the dedicated media section for the network. I actually sent an email to the website developers department to see if they can give me some guidance on locating the information. I’m sure someone will contact me right away, since I’m assured that the media relations section has to be buried away somewhere.

Now, what I did like about the NBC site though was the value of information that is on the site. The links that were seemingly connected to media (or news) were full of information, just enough to get a good story. But, you have to work for it. Hard.



Grade: A

The ABC site has links and information that pointed directly to their media relations sections. There was (and is) a press release and dedicated media section that provided a wealth of information and articles for reporting and researching. Again, good information and easy to find for journalists and bloggers.


All three of the networks offered some good and some not-so-good elements that make their media relations efforts workable. How do your media relations links look for your corporation? Are they easy to find? Will guests become frustrated when they visit? How can you improve your site?

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