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How Corporate Media Affects News Coverage: Stars – Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon Give the Media a Boost

The news coverage on the passing deaths of Michael JacksonFarrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon shook the nation. These United States celebrities and entertainers were iconic figures in their own rights and created their own followings and cultures that affected the entire nation and the world.

The media was (and still is today) in a frenzy covering the news of their deaths. Corporate news stations like and are reporting the details on the events surrounding their deaths. Bloggers are furiously blogging about how each of the celebrities lives have affected their own. Facebook and Twitter are at an all time high even with other celebrities, sending condolences and words of prayer to the families of the deceased.

Corporate media has had a major impact on the web since conveying these events on the World Wide Web. Through the news outlets websites and blogs, and through social networking sites and other journalists blogs, traffic has increased significantly with questions and the quest for information. How can a corporate-driven blog benefit from the frenzy of online news and story coverage?

Aside from gossip and rumor stories, corporate blogs can benefit greatly from delivering the news and information on their own companies, and in most cases, even their competitors. The main consideration to be given in connecting with the online audience is to give them information that is of relevance and that will in some way benefit their experience. When they visit your site, ensure that you’re giving them good, quality information and news that is directly relevant to them.

Do you have a new product or service that you’re promoting? Why not enlist the help of a celebrity or entertainer to endorse it!

What about happy clients? Write and post testimonials on your blog that will show just how happy everyone is.

Your blog and/or website is the prime place to market anything that you want to highlight in your business. Present everything in a light that will make the customer WANT to visit often. Give them a reason to return! Aside from the celebrity factors that are in the media right now, there are a few drawing elements that a corporate blog can use to elicit traffic:

1. Tell how your products/services appeal to a particular market. How does everyone benefit? What are the long-term features and benefits? Will there be consistency and longevity?

2. Always use current news as a launching avenue for what’s going on in your business. Topics like the environment, politics and yes, entertainment can always become excellent sources for news in your business.

What are some areas of your business that you can use to gain traffic for your blog/site? What can you do to hold your client’s interest?

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