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Holcim–Communicating Process and Strategy

Zurich based Holcim, a construction materials and consulting company, knows something about how to use their website to provide stakeholder information. You only need to to look at the About Us section…

Some highlights:

  • a good landing page, with teaser links to Strategy, Videos and more
  • “This Could Be Interesting”: an unusual title for related links, which contains a link to an good explanation of how the company manufactures their main products
  • a factsheet, “Holcim at a Glance”, is available but alas only as a PDF.

Holcim uses a well organized approach to explain its strategy to visitors in some detail.

The strategy is explained with the use of visuals. The link to the Value Chain displays a comprehensive visual and a portfolio analysis of its product lines. 

The company also includes targets related to the strategy. This is an item overlooked by some companies.

This post would not be complete without a visit to the Corporate Governance section.

There is a link to Vision and Mission.  Also visit the Organization section. The only suggestion I would make is to offer more content as HTML in addition to PDFs.

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