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Has Skittles Hijacked Social Media?

If you like the Skittles candies, with their strong, sour-and-sweet tastes, colorful and cool colors and the way they melt in your mouth, then you’re going to love this new idea that they’ve done of late.

Or, maybe you won’t.

Now, when you go to the Skittles home page, you will get a Twitter-type page and not your expectant custom site. No, don’t hit the back button. That may be an inconvenience as it will simply take you to the Wikipedia page for the Skittles write-up. Yes, Skittles is everywhere!  Still love it?

While I am just too impressed that they have tapped in to social networking this way, I am also a little taken aback at the way they’ve done it. In other words, I wish I could have been a little more prepared at what I got when I went to their site. I go Twittering every day, so when I went to the Skittles site, I thought I had inadvertently typed in the wrong address. No, I had simply been Skittled.


So, my next question is, what is their point? Do they want to promote the Twitter brand? Do they want people Twittering…or Skittle-ing? Do they even want traffickers talking about their brand, their site, the makeover or what? I’m sure that I, along with many other of my fellow bloggers, am helping them further their branding efforts and bring even more attention to their site. But, what is their desired end result?

Often in social media, you want to get people simply talking about you. Unlike in many public relations processes, in social media all attention is good attention, whether it’s positive or otherwise. What will happen with this idea is that people will become curious and will go to the site to see what all of the ruckus is about. People will be talking and Twittering/Skittling, linking and connecting. Social networking will be a glorious thing for them. And no doubt that Skittles has maybe hired a few professional online social networkers to get the party started. Whichever way they’ve decided to go with it, things will be buzzing for Skittles.

How do you feel about the new home page for Skittles? Do you think it will last a while or will people tire of it? Or will it ignite and spark the creativity in other companies and perhaps they too will start Twittering bands on their own home pages? Whatever their desired result is, most of it has definitely been achieved today, even with my post. Lots of attention there for them. Good job Skittles!

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