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I invited Adrian Cordiner (who founded DigitalRhinos) to write a post about B2B social media for us today.

Do’s and don’ts of social media for B2B companies

For business to business marketing campaigns, you really want to get it right the first time. How you engage with your audience online shows how much or how little you actually understand your audience. Social media for B2B takes analysis and strategy, and like everything else in marketing, … Read the rest

I invited Hattie James to write a post for us about employee volunteer programmes. Hattie has experience in building an employee volunteer program, and is interested in how they can help with recruiting as well as corporate social responsibility.

Over to you, Hattie!

The concept of social responsibility is key for corporations. For many organizations, it can make or break public relations, profits, even the company’s existence. Today, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is just as … Read the rest

I invited Stuart Hearn, who has worked in HR for over 20 years, to write a post for us about how internal communication can affect external communication.

What’s in Your Tone? How to Communicate Effectively

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.

Getting your point across while simultaneously acknowledging the point of the person you’re talking to isn’t always easy — particularly if the other person is an employee receiving feedback, … Read the rest

I invited Joseph O’Brien—a writer with an interest in media and technology—to write a post for us about online video and storytelling.

Once upon a time…more like Once upon a click: video narratives are increasingly the medium in which people choose to tell their brand stories. The power of narrative storytelling transcends different media, but storytelling and video particularly thrive in the digital marketplace. The power of online video as endlessly interactive and Read the rest

I invited Alice Williams, who has a particular interest in corporate communications, to write a post for us about diversity, and how best to communicate this on your corporate website.

What Corporate Diversity Means for Your Company — and 4 Companies Doing It Right

If you’re looking to foster innovation and cooperation in your company during the coming year, it may be time to examine your corporate diversity culture.

For those unfamiliar with the term, … Read the rest