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Anglo American Integrates Governance & Social Responsibility

Prior to the financial crisis, I read some academic papers about a trend toward convergence of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility. Then I came upon Anglo American PLC, a mining and natural resource company.

Note how the About Us integrates references to Governance and Responsibility.

The Governance description includes a reference to Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) —

EITI exists to improve transparency in generating and spending of revenues from the extractive sector. The basic concept is straightforward: oil and gas and mining companies should declare in participating host countries the payments they make to the government – either individually or aggregated by an independent third party.

Once audited to international standards, these figures are then available for comparison against the host government’s own separate declaration of the revenues received. This two-pronged process reduces opportunities for revenue leakage.

To date, over 20 countries – including several in which Anglo American operates or has interests – have declared their intention to implement EITI principles. We applaud their commitment to transparency.

There is also a link to Good Citizenship Business Principles which includes the company’s commitment to Corporate Citizenship and access to —

A well done integration of Governance and Social Responsibility. Anglo American provides a model for other companies to follow.
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