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Governance And Stakeholders At National Grid

There is a continuing debate about the US model of Corporate Governance versus the one in the UK. Some think that the US model is more strict … well, don’t tell that to UK based National Grid. Their comprehensive treatment of Governance and stakeholders could just be the envy of firms across the pond.

In the About Us there is navigation to Corporate Governance and lots more. For example, there are links to strategy, brand, board and stakeholders. All contain useful information, but I find the stakeholders section particularly interesting. This section expands to —

I’ve seen many Corporate Governance sites, but none with such a comprehensive treatment of stakeholders.

When you go to Our Investors you find an innovative communications item:

Shareholder networking

National Grid operates a Shareholder Networking programme, the aim of which is to allow shareholders to gain a better understanding of the Company. The programme, which is normally run twice a year in June and during early December over two days, includes visits to operational sites and presentations by senior managers and employees. Participants also have the opportunity to meet and question Directors. 

Well done. Now back to the About Us page for another good feature — benchmarking.


Benchmarking our Performance

We participate in a number of public benchmarks, ratings and other comparisons of company performance provided by independent agencies that look at our economic, environmental and social performance. We believe benchmarking our performance is an important part of understanding the impact we have on society and identifying improvements we can make in the future.  

How’s that for showing your Social Responsibility?

Seems that National Grid goes well beyond the USA Corporate Governance model.

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