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Google Cards for Your Business

Another social media platform? Yes, I’m afraid so. It’s such an appealing way for businesses to connect that Google wants to join in on the fun too. Now, your company’s executives and officers can establish themselves with a new social networking platform and position themselves to be found in the wonderful community of the World Wide Web.

I’m thinking that perhaps there may be an over-saturation of social media sites, so many that I can’t keep track of them all! I certainly have my favorites, but then again so does everyone else. Each of the sites serve a different and diverse audience and also serve different purposes. And, if many users are like me, they have accounts with more than one of them and utilize them for the some of the same functions on each of them.

While it may be just as effective to work two or three social networking platforms to get the desired results, users generally want to find that “one” site that serves most of their major goals.

Want to share music and the latest releases? Try MySpace.

Want to share what you did five minutes, ten minutes ago? Try Twitter.

What about photos, links and meatier posts? Facebook should do it.

The new social platform by Google should serve an even bigger, more diverse audience with their business card presentation and professional appearance. There really isn’t any new information shared there that you cannot find on any of the other sites. Perhaps only in layout and design will you find differences and nuances.

As for company executives and officers, I think the platform is going to really be an added bonus for company’s who are looking to gain more exposure. Perhaps when customers or clients can’t find a specific company, they will have more luck finding the people who work for the company. Therefore, instead of one shot at one hit in a search engine, there are chances of 10-15 shots in a search engine for one company. Sound plausible?

So, how do you think the new Google platform will measure up with the other heavy-hitters? Do you think it’s different or unique enough to last a while? I actually set up my page here and started playing around with it. One thing that I found that was really likable about it was the instant gratification of typing my name into the Google search engine and watching my information populate instantly. If nothing else, it certainly does wonders for the ego.

What do you think?

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