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Georg Fischer–Beyond PDFs and More

In a few of my recent posts, I’ve suggested that company websites should include reports and documents in both online and download versions. Switzerland based Georg Fischer embraces this idea. Besides displaying an outstanding website, the company offers HTML and PDF options.

On the information rich About Us section, note the options to view reports on the right in both online and PDF versions. The video about the company is also a good feature. However, the Fact Sheet in the middle of the page should also be offered online. Also note the menu on the upper left, which is comprehensive. The Vision and Strategy is a bit terse but what is notable is the Trend Key Figures.

Many companies display their strategies; some in great detail. But a limited number go the extra step and show how they are performing against the strategy. Georg Fischer not only shows their performance but note that in addition to PDFS you can get the data in Excel. This should be a standard feature on websites.

Another item that shows Georg Fischer’s going the extra step is their display of Broker Recommendations. I have seen a number of companies that list brokers who cover the company, but I don’t always see what the recommendations are. Georg Fischer shows the recommendations, even those that are unfavorable

This is not only useful but it shows the company’s transparency.

This site has so much information you might have to use the sitemap. Other content of note —

Well done Georg Fischer!

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