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Gaining Clients from a Visual Perspective Using Webinars, Videos and Photos

Slowly count to 10 and look into my eyes. Deep into my eyes.

Well, that would be my computer’s virtual eyes! One perspective of online media that companies often overlook is the visual element. New media has gone the route of social networking, Twittering and instant messaging. The only way now for companies to keep up with their competition is to 1) do what others are doing, 2) do it better and 3) give customers something that would be pressed to find elsewhere.

One very attractive way to gain customers is visually (virtually). Engaging them with your daily activities so that they feel a part of things, in many ways. In other words, why not let your online clients SEE the company they’re dealing with, the people behind the ideas and the tasks that go into making the products that they are buying?

The online world of virtual purchasing and virtual involvement is not very new. Companies use this technology daily when they host webinars and teleconferences. CEO’s often address the employee pool via conference addressing and use podcasts to keep them in the loop on what’s going on with the company. This is one of the main reasons why certain industries are so successful – – because of the visual element that they have available either on their website or as a part of their blog. Webinars, teleconferences and virtual tours are a lot of the cause of success for so many companies, both online and offline and the technology can be magnified in so many ways towards the company’s success.

Imagine visually showing your customers where and how their product is developed. Imagine giving them a glimpse into the meetings and decision-making events that help to shape the ideas that you bring to them. Let them into your back offices to see how things really go and even perhaps the mistakes that you sometimes make.

How-to sites are a hybrid of this type of visual marketing. Some ideas could include:

1.) Virtual bios of your company’s officers. Have them address the audience, if nothing but to say “hello.” Customers like when they can put a face with a name (product).

2.) A visual demonstration of the new widget that your corporation has just developed. Show the customers online how the widget works and other features that it may have.

3.) Photos and snapshots of your new facilities in construction. Go from a “before” to an “after” to give them an idea of your progress.

4.) The taping of the ground-breaking ceremony of your new facilities. Make your customers feel that they are a part of the news.

5.) Instead of written client testimonials, consider visual testimonials, if possible. Interview the client and ask what he thinks of your services. Include background on that client in the video if possible.

There are so many ways that you can use virtual media to reach clients online. Don’t limit yourself to only social networking, but consider the possibilities of other mechanisms of marketing as you reach out to them – – while looking deep into their eyes.

What other facets of media outlook can you use to reach your customers? Is your industry conducive to visual marketing or do you find that you have to be more creative?

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Bridget Wright

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