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Ford Makers Embrace Car Blogging

The Ford Fiesta Bloggers are working steadily to convince the car giant of their deservance. They deserve to be the lucky recipients who will get to drive their vehicles for a year, commenting on their experiences and enjoying the vehicle that they will be blogging about. Yes, Ford Car Company is going to give about 100 bloggers a Ford Fiesta Car to blog about on their websites and within social media circles in anticipation of the car’s release in 2010.

The controversy that surrounds the car’s main feature – diesel fuel – is in no way a deterrence to the bloggers opinionated posts. Nor is it to the Ford folks who are still excited about their new product that is about to hit the car retail market in a few short months. The diesel controversy is also one of the main contributing issues that Ford hopes the bloggers will dispel and perhaps convince consumers that it really isn’t bad at all, really. Despite the U.S. car manufacturer’s attempts to bring diesel technology to consumer’s vehicles in a big way, the topic still causes debates and raises tough questions. So how will the bloggers handle that issue among other concerns that consumer’s may have?

Ford is confident about their product line. So confident and so sure of what they have to offer that they want the bloggers to not only enjoy their cars, but to share with their friends how great the cars are. How else can you spread such a message in a mass manner but to tell a bunch of bloggers who have social networking connections?

This will not have been the first time that Ford has enlisted the use of bloggers for purposes of product testing. They have also used college students to get to pitch their products and position. Bloggers have been a tremendous boost to the car manufacturer’s marketing plan. Their input, opinion and involvement now will do a lot to propel the Fiesta’s unveiling, and surely one that Ford hopes will increase their profit revenue.

Do you think the bloggers will be productive on Facebook and Twitter for the Ford folks?

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I am writing to say how disappointed I am with my Ford Focus 2.0. The silver bit on steering wheel has started to flake, It makes a funny noise in the morning , which I am told is normal. I was backing out of the drive yesterday and could,nt get it in reverse, The knob had lifted of and I had to fit it back together. The car is a auto 2009. I had a 10yr old Holden Astra before that and thought I should update. I which I hadnt now as I had no touble with that in the 5 yrs I owned it

Hi Lorraine

Sorry to hear you’ve having trouble with your car.

I suggest contacting Ford direct for help (here is their contact page:

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