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It’s easy for a company to say ‘We support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ on their website. Indeed, it would be astonishing to find a company prepared to say that it didn’t.

But how can you demonstrate that you genuinely do, and that you actively consider human rights in your business? Showing is always better than telling…

Here are a few examples of what some of the biggest companies do when discussing human rights … Read the rest

tiffany and co ad

Brand storytelling has never been higher on marketers’ radar screens than it is as we near the end of 2012. Thanks to social media, every brand needs to have a story that taps into consumers’ emotions and drives a connection that leads not just to awareness, interest, and sales, but also to vocal advocacy and guardianship.

Brands can learn a lot about storytelling from luxury brands. What’s the Louis Vuitton story? The Tiffany & Co. … Read the rest

business of giving back

Consumers are more likely to reward businesses and brands that give back to the community and world through charitable donations and socially-conscious initiatives. According to research from Cone Communication and Echo Research, provided in the infographic below from Zendesk, 94% of consumers think businesses should do more than make money. Businesses and brands should give back.

Specifically, consumers think businesses have a range of resources available to them, which those businesses should use to positively … Read the rest

EU slow corporate governance reform

Like a slow, inevitable, irresistible piece of origami, the EU’s plans on corporate governance reform in line with general CSR principles continue to unfold.  This latest instalment looks at corporate governance and follows on from a public consultation and green paper in 2011.

Sixteen areas have been identified and put into an action plan.  Some will require regulatory changes, all will be enacted during 2013 unless further investigation is required and all, with the exception … Read the rest

green supply chains : five elements

One of the hottest topics of debate surrounding business sustainability is how to introduce it in a broad ranging manner across all sectors.  Regulation seems to be one path, as will shortly be seen for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but business’ instinct is always to see if the market is flexible enough to bring about change without a change in the law.

Supply chains are one of the key players in this deregulated approach because … Read the rest