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Corporate Eye Interviews

Over the last few months, we’ve run a series of interviews in which we discuss a variety of topics with experts in their field.

The interviews have associated MP3s, so you can download them and listen to them away from your desk if you prefer. We’ve also broken them up into smaller chunks, so you can get straight to the bit you’re most interested in.

And we’ve included transcripts, so you can read instead of listen, if that’s your preference.

Do let us know what you think – and tell us who you’d like to hear from next.


The interviews were published as separate articles, and I’ve collated links to them here. New ones will be added as they become available.

Corporate Branding Online: Interview with Adrian Day

Authenticity and Audience – Being Human: interview with Mallen Baker

Social Media: Extending and Connecting the Recruitment Conversation

Measuring and Communicating Your Best Asset

Employer Brand, Culture and Authenticity: Interview with Max Heywood

Interview with Stuart Bartram: Catching The Digital Wave

Leadership, Reputation and Company Views

Corporate Character: Interviewing Professor Gary Davies

The Corporate Website: Interview with The Group

Transparency Matters: Interview with Mark Hynes